Federal XM193 5.56 NATO - 55 Grain FMJ - 3165 FPS

May 24, 2020

Introduction to Federal XM193 5.56 NATO

At Maroonhelmet.Com, we are proud to offer the Federal XM193 5.56 NATO - 55 Grain FMJ ammunition. This high-quality ammunition is designed to deliver maximum performance and accuracy for shooting enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional shooter or a passionate hobbyist, the Federal XM193 is engineered to exceed your expectations.


The Federal XM193 features a 55-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet, ensuring enhanced penetration and consistent performance. It is specifically designed for use with rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO, a popular rifle caliber known for its versatility and reliability.

This ammunition is manufactured using top-grade materials and undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure outstanding performance. With a muzzle velocity of 3165 feet per second (FPS), the Federal XM193 delivers incredible speed and precision, making it ideal for target shooting, training, and plinking.

Performance and Benefits

When it comes to performance, the Federal XM193 stands out from the competition. Its 55-grain FMJ bullet offers excellent weight retention and controlled expansion upon impact, resulting in superior accuracy and terminal ballistics. Whether you're engaging targets at short or long distances, this ammunition delivers consistent results, providing you with the confidence needed for every shot.

Additionally, the high muzzle velocity of 3165 FPS ensures a flat trajectory, reducing bullet drop and improving overall accuracy. This makes the Federal XM193 an ideal choice for competitive shooting, tactical training, or any situation where precision matters.

Furthermore, this ammunition is loaded with clean-burning propellants, minimizing fouling and reducing the need for frequent cleaning. This allows you to spend more time shooting and less time maintaining your firearm. The reliable ignition system ensures consistent performance, shot after shot, helping you achieve your shooting goals with confidence.

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In conclusion, the Federal XM193 5.56 NATO - 55 Grain FMJ ammunition available at Maroonhelmet.Com is a superior choice for shooters seeking reliability, accuracy, and exceptional performance. With its top-grade construction, impressive ballistics, and precision engineering, it's no wonder why the Federal XM193 is a preferred ammunition option among shooting enthusiasts.

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This ammunition is top-notch!
Nov 11, 2023