Savage 110 High Country 30-06 Sprg - 22 Threaded Fluted Barrel Accufit Accustock Truetimber Strata Midnight Bronze 4 Round

Mar 8, 2020

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Introducing the Savage 110 High Country 30-06 Sprg Rifle

Elevate your hunting experience with the Savage 110 High Country 30-06 Sprg rifle. Designed for precision and performance, this rifle combines cutting-edge features with superior craftsmanship to deliver an unparalleled shooting experience.

Threaded Fluted Barrel for Enhanced Accuracy

The Savage 110 High Country features a 22-inch threaded fluted barrel that not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances accuracy and reduces weight. The threaded muzzle allows for easy attachment of muzzle devices or suppressors, providing you with versatile options for your shooting preferences. Whether you're taking long-range shots or hunting in challenging terrains, this rifle's barrel design guarantees consistent and precise performance.

Accufit Accustock for Customized Comfort and Stability

To ensure a perfect fit and optimal shooting experience, the Savage 110 High Country is equipped with the innovative Accufit Accustock. This system allows you to customize the length of pull and comb height, ensuring a comfortable and stable shooting position. By adjusting these critical elements, you can achieve a more natural alignment with the rifle, enhancing your accuracy and control.

Truetimber Strata Camouflage Finish

Combining functionality with aesthetics, the Savage 110 High Country boasts a Truetimber Strata camouflage finish. This eye-catching pattern blends seamlessly with various hunting environments, helping you remain undetected and increasing your chances of a successful hunt. The coating also provides additional protection against scratches and other wear, ensuring your rifle maintains its impeccable appearance over time.

Midnight Bronze for Distinctive Style

Add a touch of elegance to your hunting gear with the Savage 110 High Country's Midnight Bronze color. This unique finish not only sets your rifle apart from the rest but also adds a touch of style to your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hunting in the wilderness or showcasing your firearm at the range, this rifle's distinctive appearance is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Efficiency and Reliability

The Savage 110 High Country offers a 4-round capacity, ensuring you have enough ammunition for multiple shots without the need for constant reloading. Its reliable bolt-action mechanism guarantees smooth and consistent operation, allowing you to focus on your target without worrying about malfunctions. With this rifle in your hands, you can trust in its performance and concentrate solely on your shooting skills.

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