Winchester Copper Impact 350 Legend - 150 Grain CEP

Aug 20, 2021


Welcome to, your trusted source for premium ammunition. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of the Winchester Copper Impact 350 Legend - 150 Grain CEP ammunition, designed to enhance your deer season hunting experience. With its exceptional performance and superior quality, this ammunition promises unparalleled accuracy and stopping power.

Why Choose Winchester Copper Impact?

When it comes to deer season hunting, selecting the right ammunition is crucial for success. Winchester Copper Impact offers a reliable and effective solution, ensuring that your shots hit their mark with utmost precision. Crafted using state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality control standards, this ammunition sets a new benchmark in terms of performance and terminal ballistics.

The Power of 350 Legend

The 350 Legend caliber has gained immense popularity among hunters and shooting enthusiasts due to its exceptional performance and versatility. Featuring a 150 Grain CEP (Copper Extreme Point) bullet, this ammunition delivers impressive muzzle velocity of 2260 feet per second, providing superior kinetic energy transfer.

The Copper Extreme Point bullet offers remarkable penetration and expansion upon impact, maximizing tissue damage and ensuring a quick and ethical takedown. Its streamlined design and precision manufacturing contribute to higher ballistic coefficient, reducing wind drift and enhancing long-range accuracy.

Premium Performance

Winchester Copper Impact ammunition is meticulously engineered to offer consistent and dependable performance in various hunting scenarios. The specially designed hollow point cavity initiates controlled expansion upon impact, resulting in devastating terminal performance.

With its high-quality copper construction, the bullet retains its weight for deep penetration while minimizing the risk of over-penetration. This combination of controlled expansion and deep penetration ensures maximum energy transfer to the target, increasing the chances of a clean kill.

Reliability and Consistency understands the importance of reliable ammunition, especially during intense hunting situations. Winchester Copper Impact is manufactured using premium components and precise manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance and consistency shot after shot.

Each round undergoes comprehensive quality control tests, ensuring that it meets stringent standards set by Winchester. This dedication to excellence guarantees exceptional reliability and eliminates concerns about malfunction or inconsistent performance.


In summary, the Winchester Copper Impact 350 Legend - 150 Grain CEP ammunition is a top-notch choice for deer season hunting. With its outstanding performance, precision engineering, and unparalleled reliability, this ammunition offers the perfect balance of power and accuracy. Enhance your hunting experience and maximize your chances of success by choosing Winchester Copper Impact. Trust as your go-to source for superior ammunition and gear. Happy hunting!

Bufei Liu
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Nov 9, 2023