Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge - 18.5 Barrel

Jan 18, 2020


Welcome to Maroonhelmet.Com, your premier destination for high-quality firearms and accessories. In this page, we proudly present the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge shotgun with an 18.5-inch barrel and 3" chamber. Crafted with precision and style, this classic shotgun combines functionality and aesthetics for an unparalleled shooting experience.


The Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge is a testament to Mossberg's commitment to producing reliable and durable firearms. The retrograde design pays homage to the classic shotguns of the past while incorporating modern features to meet the demands of today's shooters. This shotgun is the perfect choice for hunting enthusiasts and individuals seeking self-defense options.

Key Features

1. Classic Walnut Stock: The Mossberg 500 Retrograde features a beautiful walnut stock that adds a touch of elegance to its overall design. The warm tones and natural wood grain provide both visual appeal and a comfortable grip.

2. 18.5-Inch Barrel: With an 18.5-inch barrel, this shotgun strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and accuracy. Thanks to its shorter length, it can be easily handled in tight spaces without compromising performance.

3. 3" Chamber: The 3" chamber allows for versatility in ammunition selection. Whether you prefer lighter loads for target shooting or heavier loads for hunting, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde can accommodate your needs.

4. Tang-Mounted Safety: The tang-mounted safety provides quick and intuitive access, allowing for ambidextrous operation. With this feature, you can confidently engage or disengage the safety without changing your shooting grip.

5. Dual Extractors: Mossberg's dual extractors ensure reliable and consistent extraction, even in adverse conditions. This feature enhances the shotgun's overall reliability, making it a dependable companion in any shooting scenario.


The Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge delivers outstanding performance both on the range and in the field. Its smooth pump-action mechanism allows for rapid and reliable cycling of rounds, ensuring swift follow-up shots when needed. The shotgun's ergonomic design and proven Mossberg engineering make it an excellent choice for both experienced shooters and beginners.

Whether you're a hunter looking for a versatile shotgun to pursue game or someone in need of a reliable self-defense firearm, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge will exceed your expectations. Its balance, accuracy, and durability make it a valuable investment that will serve you well for years to come.

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In conclusion, the Mossberg 500 Retrograde 12 Gauge with an 18.5-inch barrel and 3" chamber is a remarkable firearm that combines classic design with modern features. Its walnut stock, reliable performance, and versatile chamber make it an excellent choice for both hunting and self-defense purposes.

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