Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine - 16 Threaded Barrel - USA Flag

Mar 5, 2020

About the Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine

The Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine with a 16 threaded barrel is an exceptional firearm that combines reliability, accuracy, and versatility. Known for their affordability, Hi-Point firearms have gained popularity among firearms enthusiasts looking for a reliable and quality option without breaking the bank.

Quality Craftsmanship

Manufactured in the USA, the Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine is built with exceptional attention to detail and solid craftsmanship. The 16 threaded barrel ensures improved accuracy and allows for easy attachment of a suppressor or other muzzle devices, enhancing the shooting experience.

USA Flag Design

The Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine features a striking USA Flag design that proudly displays your patriotic spirit. This unique design sets it apart from other firearms and adds an aesthetic appeal to your collection. Whether you're a proud American or simply appreciate the beauty of the flag, this Hi-Point Carbine is an excellent choice.

Reliability and Performance

One of the standout features of the Hi-Point 9TS 9MM Carbine is its reliability. Designed to function flawlessly and consistently, this firearm performs exceptionally well even under challenging conditions. Whether you're using it for recreational shooting, home defense, or competitive shooting, you can trust the Hi-Point 9TS to deliver stellar performance every time.

Features and Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 16"
  • Threaded Barrel: Yes
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Firearm Type: Carbine
  • Manufactured: USA
  • Design: USA Flag

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Dan Moore
Love the patriotic design! A reliable and affordable option.
Nov 8, 2023