Savage 110 Hunter 243 Win - 22 Barrel - AccuFit

Feb 3, 2022

Welcome to Maroonhelmet.Com, your ultimate destination for all your shooting needs. In this page, we will explore the Savage 110 Hunter chambered in 243 Winchester with its outstanding features, including a 22-inch barrel, AccuFit stock, and AccuTrigger system.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Performance

As an avid shooter, achieving remarkable accuracy and consistent performance is essential. The Savage 110 Hunter in 243 Win delivers exactly that. With its 22-inch barrel, this rifle provides exceptional velocity and improved long-range shooting capabilities. Whether you're out hunting or engaging in long-distance target practice, the Savage 110 Hunter guarantees precision and reliability.

AccuFit Stock for Customized Comfort

Maroonhelmet.Com proudly offers the Savage 110 Hunter with an AccuFit stock, which allows the shooter to personalize the rifle's fit according to their specific body dimensions. This unique system ensures optimal comfort and enables better control over the firearm. Whether you have a smaller or larger physique, the AccuFit stock provides the perfect balance and ergonomics for a superior shooting experience.

AccuTrigger for Enhanced Safety and Performance

The Savage 110 Hunter is equipped with the renowned AccuTrigger, a patented trigger system that offers improved safety and enhanced user experience. With its light, crisp pull, the AccuTrigger enables better shot control and reduces the risk of accidental discharges. It also allows for easy adjustment of trigger weight to suit individual preferences. Experience a seamless and safe shooting process with the AccuTrigger featured in the Savage 110 Hunter.

Sturdy and Dependable Construction

Constructed with durability in mind, the Savage 110 Hunter boasts a robust build that can withstand rigorous shooting conditions. Its AccuStock technology further enhances stability and accuracy by providing a precise fit between the action and the stock. The rigid aluminum bedding system ensures consistent shot-to-shot precision, making the Savage 110 Hunter a trustworthy companion for any shooting endeavor.

Uncompromising Quality from Maroonhelmet.Com

At Maroonhelmet.Com, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer only the highest quality products. Our Savage 110 Hunter in 243 Win - 22 Barrel - AccuFit is no exception, providing shooters with an exceptional rifle designed for superior performance and reliability. As a trusted eCommerce platform specializing in shooting gear, we make it our mission to offer top-notch products that meet the needs of shooting enthusiasts.

Order Your Savage 110 Hunter 243 Win Today

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  • Caliber: 243 Winchester
  • Barrel Length: 22 inches
  • Stock: AccuFit
  • Trigger: AccuTrigger
  • Capacity: 4 rounds

Upgrade your shooting experience with the Savage 110 Hunter 243 Win - 22 Barrel - AccuFit, available exclusively at Maroonhelmet.Com. Place your order today and take a step towards shooting excellence.